Tuesday, May 24, 2011

8th Avenue Gets a Facelift

Once again, Council Member Wesson and his hard working staff at Council District 10 are putting forth their welcomed efforts in the Avenues.

Work started this morning for the re-surfacing of 8th Avenue. While most of the Avenues were re-surfaced last year, 8th Avenue was missed due to weather issues and had to be rescheduled.
The whole process has an impact on parking but the effort is so worth the minimal hassle. Thank you Herb Wesson and Council District 10!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hazardous and E-Waste Recyling Event


We all try to do our part to recycle but there are some items that just can't be put in those Blue Bins. Like paint, oils, medications or even computers and electronics.

Your neighborhood council, United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council and Council District 10 have teamed up to accept the many types of materials that cannot be recycled the normal way.

SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2011
10AM -- 1PM
1819 S. Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90006
Enter on Manhattan Place

All Electronics   Televisions   Monitors   Computers   Laptops   Cell Phones
MP3 Players   Printers   Ink & Toner Cartridges   Cables & Wires    Microwaves
Paint   Paint Thinner   Oil   Gasoline   Medications   Lightbulbs   Batteries

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There is a SHEro in Our Neighborhood


On Sunday, May 15, 2011, our very own Donna Jones was awarded the annual SHEro Award from Senator Curren D. Price, Jr. (26th Senate District). Donna was one of 26 women who received the honor based on her demonstrated leadership, volunteerism and commitment to her community. During the ceremony, Donna received her SHEro Award from Senator Price himself and was praised by Michaela Periera from KTLA-TV's Morning Show.

Said Michaela regarding Donna, "Donna is described by the residents of West Adams Avenues as a force of nature. Her primary strength is somehow managing the endless "to do" list of her community, with extraordinary efficiency. She is their air traffic controller, juggling multiple phone calls, texts and meetings all while being dedicated to her job teaching pregnant high school students and raising her two sons."

"Donna's secondary strength is her ability to get others to take on some of the tasks of keeping the Avenues on track, " continued Periera. "If there is a local resident with a talent for anything that would benefit the wider community, she'll find a way to encourage that resident to become a volunteer. And if one of her neighbors has a good idea for improving the area, Donna will back up that idea to the hilt, find out how to get it done, and shepherd the idea through the process of putting it into reality."

On closing, Periera said, "Over the years, Donna has built up and sustained relationships with anyone in the City who can get things done for her community. Donna's neighbors have said that they are in awe of her determination and talent."

Just a sample of Donna's accomplishments:
  • Founder and Current Chair of West Adams Avenues Association
  • Coordinated efforts to bring filming to our community
  • Community Leadership (WAAA, Quality of Life, Park Advisory Board, C-PAB)
  • Park Advocate (participating in the restoration of the South Seas House and spearheading the make-over of Benny H. Potter Memorial Park into a world class ADA destination for our neighborhood and helping to create the upcoming Annex with work out equipment and walking trails)
  • Secured trash cans for the Avenues, which are taken care of by block representatives and not the city
  • Works constantly with Council District 10 and UNNC (Neighborhood Council)
Donna is truly a SHEro.

Congratulate Donna the next time you see her hard at work in the Avenues and our surrounding community.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quality of Life and Public Safety Updates


Friday morning, the LAPD was out in force to ticket vehicles refusing to stop at the 4th Avenue crosswalk. Tickets where pretty much handed out continuously.  Thanks to Council Member Wesson and his crew at Council District 10 for recognizing the scope of safety problems at this intersection, which is used largely by school children throughout the day. Council Member Wesson also assisted in securing DOT approval for a traffic light at this intersection. The new traffic light was requested by concerned neighbors and Pacific Charter who will be paying for the light.


Vehicle problems on 4th Avenue have included a mobile home and an extremely graffiti covered U-Haul. The mobile home belongs to a gentleman who is leaving the neighborhood by the end of the week and has not been living in the mobile home itself. The owner of the U-Haul was located and Officer Hauter will be speaking with them about solutions for removing the eyesore.

Fredrick Douglas is having issues with illegal food vendors serving the kids as they come out of school. Officer Hauter had scheduled a task force with the Health Department to go after the vendors, but the Health Department had to cancel. A new date will be set up for a future task force, but Officer Hauter will continue to ticket and monitor the situation until then.

Another Fredrick Douglas issue has been the much larger and older kids "taking over the park and it's playground equipment." Officer Hauter advised the older kids to leave the playground equipment to the smaller kids and to share the park appropriately. Tracy will continue to monitor the situation.


Matters of Public Safety and Quality of Life issues are important to us all. But if we don't know about them, we can't get them fixed. If you have or know about any issues in your neighborhood here is what you can do:

1) Provide details of the incident including location, date and time.
2) Photos can be a valuable tool if you have them, include photos
3) Email the information to PublicSafety@UNNC.org
4) You will receive a confirmation that the information has been received.
5) Public Safety will then work directly with Council District 10, Law Enforcement, Code Enforcement and Building and Safety to get the matter resolved.

See you around the Avenues!